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Registrar, Cooperative Societies

Odisha became a separate province on 1st April 1936 with areas taken from Bihar & Orissa, Madras & Central provinces. Thus, the Registrar Office of the province of Orissa came to existence from 1st April 1936. RCS is the statutory authority under OCS Act & Rule to exercise power as per the provision of the act. He is also the Head of the Directorate of RCS Odisha with 4526 number of Co-operative Societies under its jurisdiction. The overall supervision and monitoring of Co-Operative institutions and their development comes under the purview of this Directorate.

Under the directorate of the Registrar of cooperative societies,there are 19 cooperative division – one each at the headquarters of the 13 erstwhile undivided Revenue Districts headed by a Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Societies and 58 cooperative circles, each headed by an Assistant Registrar of cooperative Societies.This Directorate is entrusted with the responsibility of implementation of policies and programmes of the Central and State Governments for the benefit of farmers and other economically weaker sections through cooperatives and for strengthening the cooperative movement.To achieve these objectives, the Directorate looks after administration , supervision, monitoring and regulation of the Cooperative Societies functioning in the State in various sectors.

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Department Cooperation Odisha State Co-Operative Union Odisha State Cooperative Bank (OSCB) Odisha Co-operative Housing Corporation (OCHC) Ltd Odisha Consumer Cooperative Federation (OCCF) Odisha Federation of Urban Cooperative Bank & Credit C.S Ltd. Odisha Cotton Grower's Cooperative Marketing Federation (COTFED) Odisha State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank (OSCARD Bank) Odisha Federation of Labour & Construction Cooperative Ltd.